Farm of the Month
January 2016

Lausin Farms is a 280 head dairy located in Geauga County OH. The 130 mature Registered Holsteins average 23,000 lbs. milk, 4% fat and 2.9% protein. John Lausin, Sr. began the business in 1929 on Ledge Road in Thompson. He left the growing farm with his sons Charles and Linnie plus Johnny and Alma.

The brothers each have a son who currently share management responsibilities, Bob and Cindy plus Joe and Melanie.

A 4th generation 15 year old, Ben, provides welcomed help. Aunt Cheryl and her daughter Brie complete the labor force in a part-time role. All the contributors unite to provide the best care possible for the animals.

Cropland consists of approximately 800 acres, including 450 acres of hay, 160 acres of corn, 85 acres of beans, and 80 acres of small grains.

Each generation has actively participated in the Geauga County Fair through 4-H Cattle Shows as well as the Hay and Grain exhibits.

We Salute Lausin Farms!