Farm of the Month
July 2016

“Always treat your customers and the people that work for you as you would like to be treated” – Roger Martig

Imagine starting every day surrounded by beautiful fields, the sound of 1400 cows mooing in the back ground, and over 30 employees hustling around the family farm, that’s the life of the Martig Brothers, Earl ~ Sam ~ Marvin ~ John, and their father, Roger.

At the turn of the century the Martig Patriarch, Crist Martig, settled land with his family in Beloit, Ohio. Crist passed his farm on to his son Alfred who then passed it on to sons, Roger and Jesse, who began milking and raising crops in the 1950’s to support their families.

The farm that has been in the family for over 100 years has grown from milking 20 to 30 cows in the 50’s to now milking over 1200 cows three times a day producing 100,000 pounds or 11,500 gallons of milk daily.

As if the Martig’s don’t have enough to do managing the dairy and over 4500 acres of farm land which produces alfalfa, mixed grasses, corn, beans, wheat and various other small grains ~ in the 1980’s they started producing wild bird seed in a small warehouse simply to market farm grown Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Today Birds Luv’Em supplies over 150 customers in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania with wild birdseed.

We Salute Martig Farms & Birds Luv‘em!