We are excited to announce the expansion of our Agronomy Department, coming in 2019. This development will include a brand new facility as well as an increased selection of seed, fertilizer and chemical options. Witmer’s Agronomy Center will be located at 13800 Columbiana-Canfield Rd Columbiana, Ohio 44408, a quarter mile south of the Columbiana Mill. All of the current fertilizer & seed operations that are located at the Columbiana Mill will be transferred to the new facility, however, fertilizer at the Garfield Location will remain the same.

As a newly certified Seed Consultants Dealer, Witmer’s will be offering a new line of corn and soybeans seeds, all of which are specialized for Ohio and Pennsylvania. Bryon’s Seed will remain our main dealer for all small grains and grass seeds, a continuation of our current operations.

With an expansion to the agronomy program comes a list of services that we will now be able to offer. We will continue to help with soil sampling, however, we are now able to offer assistance with tissue testing, field mapping, field scouting, cash & carry ag chemicals, along with all dry & liquid fertilizers, and an on staff agronomist as part of our new agronomy team. Once our new facility is completed in the Spring of 2019, we will be able to start offering Custom Dry Fertilizer VRT Application and Custom Spraying Application.

Our agronomy team will start visiting our local customers to gain insight into the regional needs and how we can help alleviate any persistent problems that may be occurring. Our goal with this new venture is to empower our customers with science-based education to make the most out of every field they are working. As we evolve into the field of agronomy, we welcome customer input on how we can make your day to day lives easier

Ryan Hockensmith



Evan Schafer

Agronomist and Ag Precision Rep


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